“Modern”, “Stylish”, “Striking”, “Sleek.” Everything you would hope for in your new Contemporary Kitchen.

At Optima Kitchens we have carefully chosen a wide collection of contemporary kitchens. These modern kitchens will grace and become the focal point of any home. From the streamlined look of a simple slab or handleless door our showroom design team can guide you through an array of colours and textures from understated white and Ivory to a whole spectrum of striking gloss woodgrains. For the ultimate in Contemporary design and individuality a mixture of colours or textures will set your kitchen aside from the rest.


The engaging colours within our gloss palette are carefully selected to work as stand alone choices or as appealling combinations.

burbidge otto light grey and rosewood

Considered accessories within our ranges allow us to create breathtakingly imaginitive designs to suit your individual style.

handle less kitchen

Why not adopt the true linear look of a Germanic style kitchen or go even one step further and have a totally minimal design with true handle-less opening doors


Sweeping curves both concave and convex are statement-making feature pieces which introduce dramatic styling to any kitchen.

Please visit our storage section for some clever ideas on how to maximise your storage potential.

Storage Solutions

Combinations of texture, gloss and colour available



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