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A natural product that lasts for generations

Kährs wood floors are natural products crafted to the highest quality. Wood floors last for generations, which add to their eco-friendly credentials. At Kährs, we invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring the quality and origin of our raw material. We also have the market’s most ambitious environmental programme and implement holistic thinking when it comes to the manufacturing process, which includes energy efficiency and optimal management of resources.

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Kährs offers an extensive range of wood floors, in order to meet the various demands in terms of looks, durability, quality, flexibility and value.

kahrs flooring

Kährs philosophy

Our Swedish heritage characterises our business in many ways, from our deep-rooted respect for the environment and our commitment to quality, to the clean, Scandinavian design of our floors.

kahrs flooring

Kährs only makes wood floors - and wood is a truly renewable flooring material. Our floors will last for generations, saving on earth’s resources. We constantly strive to find the most eco-friendly ways of manufacturing our wood floors and we were the first flooring manufacturer to have an entirely solvent-free production process. Our floors are also easy to clean and maintain, without the use of strong chemicals.

Multi-layer flooring lasts longer

All Kährs wood flooring is based on Kährs patented multi-layer flooring technology and is made up of multiple layers.

kahrs flooring

The multi-layer structure makes a floor more even and stable than a solid construction, even when temperature and ambient humidity varies throughout the seasons. The reason is that crossed layers counteract the natural movements of the timber. Varying the direction of the fibres, throughout various layers, provides a more durable surface that is more tolerant to changes in humidity in the indoor climate.

Generally, climate variations are more significant in the North than in the South. In Sweden, we see some of the biggest humidity variations in the world, something that has inspired us to learn how to tame the forces of nature. Kährs patented its ‘parquet’ technology in 1941, and since then we have been using the same method throughout our production.

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